Career Management Programmes

Outplacement Services and In-Company Redundancy Counselling

With our background in executive search and selection, we are well qualified to offer two Career Management Programmes, intended for clients who wish to support ‘departing’ managers following redundancy or voluntary severance. Both programmes are designed to help departing managers deal with the personal upset associated with leaving an organisation; to professionally guide them through a period of readjustment; and to position them to realise new opportunities.

Outplacement Services is for senior managers, and guides them through a comprehensive process of confidence building and looking forward. It also involves an intensive series of video-taped practice interviews

In-Company Redundancy Counselling is aimed at middle-managers who can find themselves confused and unsure but need assistance in re-entering the marketplace.

We recommend that departing managers be involved in selecting those professionals they will be working with. For this reason, we are always available to meet with them to discuss our programmes.

Outplacement Services

Conducted in our offices to ensure confidentiality, this programme is designed for accomplished managers. What we offer is professional, personal guidance and career insight, based in large part on our knowledge as recruitment professionals. This programme is comprised of a number of sessions, usually over five weeks:

While following a distinct structure, we emphasise flexibility so that we can respond to a manager’s individual needs, or wishes. Our programme sessions are one-on-one but business-like, and we establish targets and follow-up accordingly. Throughout the programme we encourage managers to use their initiative and, while supportive, will pressure them in an appropriate way to actively seek out opportunities.

In addition to programme sessions in our offices, managers are asked to complete some questionnaires and tests at home. They are also provided with a variety of reading material related to the challenge of career change and the ways in which new opportunities can be identified, as well as techniques for interview. Charges, which cover all fees, ‘testing’ and video-taped practice interviews, are €7,000 for each manager.

In-Company Redundancy Counselling

This ‘stream-lined’ programme addresses the immediate needs of departing middle-managers and facilitates them by offering the service at the managers place of work, if required. We provide this counselling through 4 sessions, one-to-one, over two weeks:

This programme leads managers through a process of acceptance and planning, as well as helps them prepare for interviews. Our role is to motivate and encourage, and to assist in identifying and seeking opportunities in line with realistic possibilities. The cost of this in-company redundancy counselling is €2,500