Executive Search and Selection

Our Methodology

In the highly competitive and fast changing business environment of today, people hold the key to success. There is a high cost to bear for any organisation which fails to select executives of the highest calibre

Our firm is particularly well known for working on the ‘more difficult’ appointments, in both the private and public sectors, and we consistently deliver value for money and sound advice. We believe that our private sector work enhances our ability to provide professional services to public sector and state organisations; we say this in the context of increasing demands on all state sponsored bodies to develop and provide efficient, innovative and responsive services.

All assignments involve:

Developing a strong client relationship and a comprehensive understanding of:
Preparing a detailed Briefing Document for candidates based on our:
Carrying out the recruitment process efficiently, and confidentially, by utilising:
Maintaining objectivity and adding distinct value to the process through the use of:
Treating candidates with courtesy and respect by:

Recruitment Approaches

We can assist clients in identifying prospective candidates for senior positions in one of four ways: