Interview Preparation for Executives

Our Objective

Interview Preparation for Executives helps an executive perform well as a candidate at interview, and was designed for clients that wish to support their executives in applying for more senior appointments within the organisation.

Our background as executive search and selection consultants gives us the expertise and professionalism to counsel on interview skills and techniques. While we endeavour to encourage, we always provide candid, constructive feedback. We recommend that executives be involved in selecting those professionals they will be working with. For this reason, we are always available to meet with them to discuss our service.

The Process

Most executives seeking appointments will be subjected to a comprehensive selection process that often entails both preliminary interviews with recruitment consultants and short-list interviews with a panel of interviewers. These stages of the selection process can be testing, forcing executives to ‘think on their feet’, and frequently they will be asked to make presentations requiring that they research organisations, address issues and display vision.

While an executive’s track record is certainly the acid test as regards most aspects of managerial competence, the ability to perform well at interview by impressing others is critical to securing an appointment. Even executives who are confident and capable in their workplace, or in a competitive situation, may not be aware when they fail to communicate effectively at interview.

Interview Preparation

Practice Interviews

Although we appreciate that very often executives have limited time in which to prepare prior to being called for either preliminary or short-list interview, we always require at least one week’s notice. This will ensure that we can provide the time necessary and can make arrangements with interviewers. All sessions are conducted during working hours at our offices in Ballsbridge. We charge a fee of €2,000 for this service.