Remuneration Surveys and Reviews

While many factors impact on retention (e.g. job satisfaction, promotional prospects and the nature and scope of roles), remuneration and the way in which it is structured continues to be a major determinant. With the increased prevalence of performance-related elements as a substantial part of remuneration, and the availability of share participation schemes, it becomes incumbent on organisations to continually evaluate and revise the way in which they reward their executives.

We fully appreciate that relativities, corporate constructs, personal appraisals and other 'guidelines' are important parameters within which executive remuneration should be operated. However, we also believe an external view and relevant analogues must be utilised in accessing the 'market value' of executives.

Although various annual surveys are published which can provide meaningful data, we regard these surveys as frequently too general to be use to organisations in accessing executive remuneration. As specialists in executive search and selection we have a unique perspective on the market and detailed knowledge of prevailing remuneration packages and so can offer the following services:

Individual remuneration reviews

Comprehensive Industry Surveys

Our findings, as set out in a detailed report, provide a Board or investors with a comprehensive, insightful picture of the management team.