Specialist Selection Services

Candidate Assessment

We recognise that there are instances where organisations may wish to advertise appointments themselves. However, they often require and welcome specialist assistance and an independent view. As professionals we bring objectivity to the selection process and provide insight on both internal and external candidates by:

Conducting criterion-referenced interviews, focussing on key competencies and ‘score’ candidates against selection/evaluation criteria such as:

Administering psychometric-type questionnaires and other tests or exercises. The interpretations we prepare offer further insight on candidates’ personality characteristics, individual preferences, way of working, approach to addressing issues and reasoning ability; all crucially important in managerial roles.

The instruments we utilise include three or more of the following:

Cattel 16 PF Personality Profile
The 16PF gives an indication of an individual’s various preferences and behaviours. On the basis of responses to the questionnaire, it is possible to determine certain innate personal attributes, under 16 headings.

Personal Preference Profile
The PPP highlights attitudes and values at work. It indicates preferences for either needs or roles, helpful in forming a profile of an individual in relation to Aspects of Leadership, Style of Working, Group Interaction, Achievement Orientation and Personal Characteristics.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
The MBTI reports on an individual’s ‘type’ - where they focus their attention, the way they like to look at things, the process by which they make decisions and how they deal with external matters. When people use a preferred approach they are most effective, most confident and natural.

The Response Style Questionnaire
The RSQ indicates how an individual is most likely to deal with problems or issues, using one or more ‘styles’: Collaboration, Competition, Compromise, Accommodation and/or Avoidance.

Managing Director’s ‘In-tray’ Exercise
The exercise requires the ‘new MD’ to assimilate information and data, assess it, prioritise it, and then take decisions based on both it and external influences. This is particularly useful in assessing managerial talents, coping skills and the ability to action initiatives.

Critical Reasoning Tests
The numerical test indicates how an individual interprets numerical information presented in a variety of realistic formats. The verbal test indicates how an individual copes with different information processing situations

Our report on each candidate addresses people skills, task skills and personal attributes, and the extent to which the manager meets the selection/evaluation criteria (where more than one candidate is involved we would provide a ‘comparative assessment’). The results of the psychometric-type questionnaires and other instruments are presented in a standard format but we summarise our views in unambiguous terms wherever possible. The cost of this service is €1,200 per candidate assessed.